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Musician Huang Feili Dies at Age 99

Chinese musician and conductor Huang Feili has died at the age of 99 at his home in Beijing.  He was most known for returning to communist China to help build musical institutions.

 Huang attended Pui Ching primary school then moved to Shanghai when he was 10. He studied violin under Russian concertmaster, R.B. Gerzovsky.  After completing studies at the University of Shanghai in 1941, he played the violin in studio recordings and in an orchestra for the film director Fei Mu.

He later recorded for the Shaw Brothers for their film studios in Hong Kong in 1946, then studied at Yale University.  He founded the conducting department and later conducted various ballets, including Giselle The Mermaids.

Huang rehearsed The Red Detachment of Women in 1964 during the Cultural Revolution, but did not premiere it at the Great Hall of the People and was labeled a “suspected spy.”

Huang is survived by three sons and several grandchildren.

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