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BWW Blog: StudentsLive Passport to Broadway – East Goes West… Literally!

Upon waking up at 4:00am to the sound of their buzzing alarm clocks the creative team from Passport to Broadway eagerly jumped out of bed and hit the ground running to arrive at John F. Kennedy Airport for their early morning flight to Los Angeles International Airport. The team prepared to meet 30 eager, willing and excited returned students from the Clifford International School in Guangzhou, China coming to America to continue their studies in Broadway Musical Theater led by Amy Weinstein, the Artistic Director of Passport to Broadway. The outstanding and talented musical director for this leg of the Passport to Broadway journey is the outstanding Andy Peterson from Australia. He is accompanied by the ever so wonderful Emily Seibert, our Choreographer, from Connecticut. This entire program was organized by Jessica Fraser, who has been beyond instrumental in the unique curriculum ethics that are applied to international students for the best team teaching methods and the widest range of Broadway musical scores, production numbers, books, and choreography in order to expand and challenge these students coming from so far away, who have little to no access to this unique art form. Upon arrival at Los Angeles International Airport, the creative team traveled to the Madilyn Clark Studios where this four day magical Musical Theater Intensive will take place. Proudly hung in the lobby were pictures of Bob Holt, Bing Crosby, Mickey Rooney, Elizabeth Tayler, Robert Goulet and legends alike. The Madilyn Clark Studios is one of the oldest and most iconic rehearsal studios in the Hollywood area for film, television, production companies, and musical movies. The team is proud to be a part of this iconic, legendary space. But, even more so, they are proud to welcome their Chinese students to participate in this positive and historical space so that they may learn about Broadway. Though Los Angeles is most certainly not home to Broadway, the team hopes to bring Broadway styled theater to Los Angeles. For international students, specifically from China, the plane ride is six hours shorter than it would be to New York City. By bringing Broadway to Los Angeles the opportunities to have access to Broadway shows for both international students and people across the United States would be much greater, providing memories that will last a lifetime. After the team scoped the site, they went to El Pollo Loco for some of the best Chicken and Rice on the West Coast. They drove to the International Guest House, another very iconic landmark on the West Coast, where they will be staying for the next five days. Upon their arrival they all took a quick dip in the pool, then went to a local convenience store to prepare and stock up for the arrival of these 30 incredible students who have been on the plane for over 25 hours, heading into an intensive four days on a major amount of jet lag and very little sleep. Now that the day has come to an end, the Passport to Broadway team is excited to get a good night’s sleep after traveling all day in order for them to begin this journey to teach these young, hopeful students their new score and script entitled “I Believe In Me”. The production is a combination of seven contemporary and classical Broadway show numbers, that the team is certain, at the end of the four days, will be presented and owned by these inspiring students whose culture does not provide them the opportunities to express their emotions and talents in such a joyous and unique way. On July 11, 2016 at 10:00am sharp, the team will be meeting the students for the first time and begin their first day of rehearsals. Surely, there will be quite a bit of information that will be of significant interest to the successful process they are about to undergo. Attached you will find some fun pictures from the team’s travels. Please stay tuned for the next blog on July 12, 2016 about this inspiring journey.

Very fancy airplane holding our team heading West. The Team Just Touched Down in LA -- Photographed are Jessica, Maggie, Emily and Andy Our own very Phantom like chandelier in studio-- Pictures Emily (choreographer) and Andy (Musical Director Musical director Andy Peterson on the Plane from JFK to LAX Musical Director and Choreographer taking in the beautiful studio garden Artistic Director Amy and Production Coordinator Jessica on way to LA on plane Amy, Jessica, and Maggie on the Plane from JKF to LAX Amy and Jessica Our first site visit to rehearsal studios Amy and Andy in garden outside beauitful studios

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