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音乐剧罗宾汉(Robin Hood)演员招募:需要100名演员及工作人员!

Robin Hood
Auditions: Sept 21 and 22

SHOW: Robin Hood. 24 adult and 6 child actors and singers are needed for this Christmas musical comedy.

Join Beijing Playhouse for song and dance this Christmas. A fairy tale for the children with a whole level of humor for the adults—a Christmas musical comedy for adults and children alike. In true British comedy tradition, audience members are invited to cheer and boo and hiss as Robin, Maid Marian, and Friar Tuck rob from Santa and give to the poor. No, wait, that’s not it. Uh, rob from the rich and give to Santa. Or something like that. Join the friends of Sherwood Forest as they help King John discover the magic of Christmas. Be prepared for a whole new zany twist on a classic story.
今年圣诞,来中英百老汇一起欢歌舞蹈吧!音乐剧“罗宾汉”,给儿童的童话带来了全新的成年人的幽默,一部老幼共赏的圣诞音乐喜剧。延续了英国喜剧一贯了传统,观众可以对在Robin, Maid Marian以及 Friar Tuck劫富济贫(等等,是劫贫济富)时为他们欢呼加油或者喝倒彩。加入Sherwood森林的朋友们吧,和他们一起帮John大帝发现圣诞的魔力。敬请期待这个经典故事滑稽搞怪的全新面貌。

Robin Hood has served up raucous family entertainment on the West End every Christmas for centuries. A cast of 30, with crazy Christmas costumes and happy music, make this show perfect for families—especially children.

AUDITION DATES: Sunday, September 21, 2014 and Monday, September 22, 2014 at 6:30 pm.

LOCATION: Beijing Playhouse’s auditions and rehearsals for Robin Hood are at British School in Sanlitun. Call-backs and performances are at National Olympic Sports Center Theatre near the Bird’s Nest.

ROLE(S): All 30 roles open. Ability to perform in English is required; but English as a native language is not required. Auditions are open and anyone can come. Experienced actors are encouraged. And we love discovering new talent. We request that interested actors complete the Actor Audition Form in advance. It helps the directors. (Request one and we’ll send it to you.) We’re looking for 3 boys, age 6-17; 12 men, age 18-60; 2 men, age 60-80, 3 girls, age 6-17; 8 women, age 18-60; 2 women, age 60-80.

AUDITION FORMAT: You’ll do a live reading from the script and will perform scenes from the show with other actors. You will be given a song to sing. Monologues are optional, but not required. If you are a non-native English speaker, we strongly suggest bringing a memorized 60 second English monologue.

PAY: This is volunteer fun.

PERFORMANCE DATES: Performances are weekday and Saturday evenings and weekend matinees, December 5-21, 2014. Rehearsals are evenings at 6:30 pm and Sundays at 2:30 pm in October and November in Sanlitun. Performances are at National Olympic Sports Center Theatre NOSC theatre.

CONTACT: Beijing Playhouse (www.beijingplayhouse.com), performance@beijingplayhouse.com.
联系:中英百老汇(www.beijingplayhouse.com), performance@beijingplayhouse.com。

SPONSORS: Beijing Playhouse’s Robin Hood is sponsored in part by Lehman Brown, Element Fresh, Beijing Kids, Candis, British School of Beijing, City Weekend, and patrons of the arts, like you.
赞助:中英百老汇制作“罗宾汉”由ehman Brown, Element Fresh, Beijing Kids, Candis, 北京英国学校, City Weekend,以及像您一样的艺术支持者赞助。

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